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In The Headlights

In the Headlights – Emma Trebble

June 13, 2017

Emma Trebble This month’s mad hatter spraying all kinds of scents in our rose garden is Emma Trebble, Director of Human Resources at Trucksmith. Is she a speed fiend or a [...]

In the Headlights – Shaun Sangha

May 11, 2017

Shaun Sangha This month’s Kamikaze pilot crafting his wizardry wing walking in our stormy skies is Shaun Sangha, Truck Sales Executive for Guest Truck and Van. Is he a [...]

In the Headlights | Mark Lennox

April 13, 2017

This month’s wannabee farmer rounding up his sheep on our funny farm is Mark Lennox of MAN Truck and Bus UK. Is he a soaring bird of prey or just a sucker [...]

In the Headlights | Adam Baker

June 6, 2016

Adam Baker This month’s Nelly the elephant disturbing the wildlife in our peace garden is Adam Baker, HGV Technician with Chassis Cab Truck Centres. Is he an eagle, an [...]
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