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Volvo VISTA competition open for entries

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Registrations have opened for the Volvo Inernational Service Training Awards (VISTA) – the world’s largest and growing service market competition.

About 20,000 technicians in around 5,000 teams from Volvo’s global truck and bus network are expected to participate in the event which aims to encourage teamwork among technicians, build team spirit and pride as well as knowledge and work quality. It is also a way for Volvo Trucks to address the worldwide challenge of both recruiting and retaining competent workshop technicians.

The VISTA event originally started in 1957 as a competition for Volvo’s mechanics in Sweden and has since become an international event. In 2018, ‘MC Hammers’, a four-person team of truck technicians from MC Truck & Bus based in Thurrock, finished in sixth place at the VISTA finals, held in Curitiba, Brazil.

Roger Alm, President of Volvo Trucks, said: “A top-of-the-line service network is crucial for our customers’ truck business. VISTA shows how important our technicians are and, at the same time, the competition improves our skills so we can deliver outstanding service provided by the best service crews in the world.”

Anna Rogbrant, VISTA Project Manager, added: “The VISTA World Championships give the teams an opportunity to show the world what they are capable of and compete against the very best in front of an audience of tens of thousands. VISTA is more than a competition, it is a celebration of teamwork, diversity and talent, and this is what makes VISTA unique.”

Vista 2018 Final