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Volkswagen reveals sales figures

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Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles (VWCV) has sold 300,300 light commercial vehicles worldwide since the beginning of the year.

It means the volume of deliveries by the company has dropped slightly compared with the same period last year (-0.4 percent). The largest sales region was Western Europe, where 211,300 vehicles were handed over to customers (+1.1 percent).

The largest market was again Germany with 79,600 vehicles. Most of VWCV’s new vehicles were delivered to customers in the five European core markets from January to July.

• Germany: 79,600 vehicles (-0.4 percent)

• UK: 29,100 vehicles (+5.1 percent)

• France: 11,700 vehicles (+1.0 percent)

• Spain: 11,600 vehicles (+14.0 percent)

• Italy: 8,400 vehicles (+6.1 percent)