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Headsets drive future for Renault Trucks Technicians

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Renault Trucks is rolling out ‘Optiview’ in its UK workshops, equipping technicians with RealWear HMT-1 headsets that will enable them to speed up repairs and maintnenance for customers.

The headset, used alongside LibreStream Onsight Connect software, allows technicians to connect hands-free with Renault Trucks’ technical support for live assistance, as well as enabling them to capture images and videos, playback training videos and refer to manuals.

Derek Leech, Service Market & Retail Development Director said: “Optiview is an exciting step for Renault Trucks, marking a new era where wearable AR and voice command technology becomes the norm in our workshops and out in the field. The headset is the ideal wearable choice for technicians, giving them the support of the technical team right when they need it to speed up diagnosis and repair on complex issues.

“This technology will improve the efficiency of our dealer network and our customer service, resolving issues more swiftly.” The HMT-1 has a hands-free voice-controlled user interface allowing technicians to operate tools and equipment, while maintaining full situational awareness and productivity. Technicians are able to access a virtual 7-inch tablet that sits just below their line of sight.

This technology used in Optiview, also offers future opportunities including remote warranty parts inspections, speeding up authorization of warranty claims and payments. Leech added: “The possibilities to transform the way we work with this technology are far-reaching.”