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Volvo Truck & Bus Centre East Anglia supplies tractor unit to H.C. Wilson

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Elmswell, Suffolk-based H.C. Wilson Transport, has ordered its first new Volvo truck, an FH-540 8×4 Tridem Globetrotter XL tractor unit.

The 3,900mm wheelbase Tridem Pusher Axle tractor unit, supplied by Ian Reed, area sales manager at Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia, is powered by Volvo’s D13K engine, that produces 540hp. It also features an I-Shift Crawler gearbox containing a direct top ratio of 19:1 and a deep multi speed reverse gear with a ratio of 37:1.

A gearbox-mounted retarder also provides a substantial secondary braking system. The final drive tandem single reduction axles carry a ratio of 2.83:1.The vehicle is rated for maximum 90-tonne operations, but will predominately work in the 55 to 60-tonne weight brackets.

Both the front and pusher axles are nine-tonne air suspension units, the latter contributing to a rear bogie capacity of 32-tonnes. A Jost cast fixed fifth wheel, steel front bumper and Dura-Bright EVO alloy wheels are also included the specification.

Simon Wilson, Managing Director at H.C. Wilson Transport said: “We’d previously bought our four axle tractor units from Holland, but this requirement is now better served through a dealer local to our business. “Volvo were genuinely interested to quote for such a vehicle and having a factory built four axle tractor unit was also a bonus, saving on purchase cost and delivery times.”