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Nottingham to open electric vehicle service centre

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Nottingham City Council is opening an electric vehicle service centre this summer – the first in the UK to be run by a local authority.

The Nottingham Electric Vehicle Services (NEVS) facility will cater for electric cars, vans and taxis, specialist fleet such as roadsweepers and cage tippers and will offer MOTs and servicing to customers, as well as maintain the council’s own growing ultra-low emission fleet.

The council plans to convert 22% of its fleet to ultra-low emission vehicles by 2020. Councillor Adele Williams, portfolio holder for transport, said: “NEVS will become an integral part of the electric infrastructure, helping to support the council’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2028.

“We have already achieved our energy strategy target of a 26 per cent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020, and we are on track to meet our 2020 target of 20 per cent of energy generation from low carbon sources. Nottingham Electric Vehicle Services will enable us to maintain both our own vehicles and offer these services out to other councils and businesses, providing a hub for electric vehicles in the East Midlands.

“We want to provide this service to members of the public as well, and hope to roll this out later in the year – so our Eastcroft depot will be able to service and MOT electric vehicles in addition to petrol and diesel cars. ULEVs are the future for the motor industry, and this centre will allow Nottingham City Council to continue leading the way in what is currently a niche market in terms of service and maintenance of electric vehicles.”