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Nissan Navara spec details revealed

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Nissan has released further information on the spec of its upgraded Nissan Navara pick-up truck.

The latest Navara’s twin-turbo engine comes with a choice of two outputs offering 163PS/120kW and 190PS/140kW respectively and the entry level engine also sees a 22Nm boost in torque to 425Nm, thanks to the change from single to twin-turbo chargers.

Navara’s all-new six speed manual transmission comes with a shorter gear lever, enhanced synchronisation and reduced vibration and it also features a more conventional shift pattern, with reverse gear located next to first, and new gear ratios for improved fuel efficiency and lower noise levels for highway driving.

There has also been further tuning of the 7-speed automatic transmission, with improvements to comfort, refinement and responsiveness. In addition the Navara features the second generation of the SUV-like 5-link rear suspension, a radical departure from the leaf springs used on most competitor pick-ups.

Front and rear disc brakes are now applied as standard and it includes a pan-European five-year/100,000-mile warranty as standard.