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Scania reveals vision of 2030 Transport

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Scania has unveiled its vision of urban transport in 2030 that includes distribution of goods, commuter transport and refuse collection, all using the same vehicle.

Its NXT concept vehicle, a working prototype of which is under construction, provides a platform onto which a variety of dedicated modules can be mounted. The presence of a human driver does not feature.

The NXT has separate drive modules, front and rear, providing the functions normally supplied by a truck’s driveline and chassis. Power is electrical, from batteries located under the floor.

As an eight-metre vehicle with a lightweight composite module, weighing less than 8,000kg, the NXT is expected to have a 245km range based on current battery technology. Scania’s president and CEO Henrik Henriksson said: “NXT is a vision of the future for transport in cities.

“Several of these technologies have yet to fully mature but for us it’s been important to actually build a concept vehicle to visibly and technically demonstrate ideas of what is within reach. NXT is designed for 2030 and beyond while incorporating several cutting-edge features that are already available.

“We at Scania can’t redraw the entire transport system for cities. What we can do is inspire change.”