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TRAILAR solar power for Ryder customers

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Ryder has partnered with TRAILAR to become the exclusive provider of its solar energy system that can be fitted to the roof of a rigid truck and directly connected to its battery.

The harvested natural energy is used to power all on-board ancillary equipment including tail lifts, reducing maintenance costs, extending battery life, and lowering emissions due to less engine idling. During independent trials at Millbrook proving ground, fuel savings of 5.2% were achieved on a rigid truck and 2.3% on a tractor and trailer system.

Long-term Ryder customer DHL fitted the solar matting system to the roofs of sixteen 18 tonne rigid vehicles working on the Primark contract. In the 12 months of operation, the vehicles fitted with the TRAILAR system achieved on average a 5% fuel saving compared to non-solar vehicles on the same contract.

A corresponding reduction in CO2 emissions of 64 tonnes was also achieved in that 12-month period. The TRAILAR solar film matting weighs just 2kg per square metre so has no impact on payload.

Once fitted onto a vehicle, the TRAILAR solution works in any natural light and is designed to absorb and generate maximum energy as quickly and as efficiently as possible. TRAILAR can be retrofitted to existing truck roofs, and the solar matting will not need replacing during the lifetime of the vehicle.