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DAF hails success of driver training voucher scheme

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DAF says its new Driver Training Voucher scheme is delivering benefits for customers and their drivers, following its inclusion on new retail CF and XF or orders from February.

On acquiring their new CF and XF vehicles, all retail customers’ drivers now receive a voucher which can be exchanged for a 2.5-hour training session. This includes in-cab and vehicle walk-round familiarisation, followed by on-road familiarisation and tutorial.

Although most operators redeem the voucher at the selling dealer location and at the time of vehicle handover, it can be used at other DAF sales dealers within a three month period from the vehicle’s entry into service providing flexibility to choose the best time for the training. The initiative is designed to encourage operators and their drivers to take advantage of professional professional driver training from the 25 DAF dealer driver trainers throughout the dealer network.

DAF already supports many national and international fleet customers from its Haddenham headquarters with training and ‘train-the-trainer’ support courtesy of Mandy Wannerton and Ron Smith. Marketing Manager at DAF, Phil Moon said: “Our nationwide team of dealer driver trainers is already proving to be an invaluable asset, making sure drivers can get the best out of their new DAF.

“Many of our cutomers appreciate the value of a structured vehicle handover.The new voucher scheme is designed to encourage every one of our retail customers to take advantage of a professional introduction to their new vehicle, delivered by a knowledgeable trainer based at their local dealer – trainers who possess an in-depth understanding of all the vehicle’s features and options.”

Meanwhile, the manufacturer says DAF Connect, the online fleet management system, is now standard on all its new vehicles sold in the UK. Equipment includes factory-fitted DAF Connect hardware, plus three years data access via the DAF Connect portal.

The web-based platform is designed to increase vehicle availability, reduce operational costs, improve logistics and maximise efficiency, with a secure, online customer providing easy access to critical business and vehicle information.