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Renault set to pilot EZ-FLEX electric van

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Renault has unveiled an all-electric urban delivery concept van that it will trial with various organisations around Europe.

According to the manufacturer the EZ-FLEX, which has a tight turning circle, an optimally-sized load bay in comparison to its footprint and simple, functional controls, could be a solution to the rapid rise in modern urban deliveries, driven by the growth in online buying. It has an all-electric range of around 100km (62 miles), that Renault believes is adequate for this type of urban delivery vehicle.

The load bay on the EZ-FLEX will also be configurable, allowing it to meet the different needs of different sectors that might use it. Rear loading is optimised via an ergonomic loading height (760 mm above ground) and opening enabling easy access to the entire load bay.

Renault plans to test the vehicle’s performance under real-world working conditions by trialling 12 examples with various businesses, cities and municipalities around Europe. The EZ-FLEX will enter its experimental research and development stage shortly and test vans will be fitted with a range of sensors, recording the vehicle’s location, mileage, range, speed, delivery frequency and cargo bay use.

This data, along with the drivers’ feedback, will allow Renault’s engineers to gain a greater understanding of the EZ-FLEX’s use. The pilot is expected to last about two years.