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Software tracks down stolen Sprinter

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A van rental company has recovered a stolen Mercedes-Benz Sprinter that had its tracking system torn out, due to the vehicle’s PRO connect system and assistance from Ciceley Commercials.

Eastgate Commercial, based in Wolverhampton, runs 20 Sprinter 314 CDIs in its fleet of 200 vans, supplied by the dealer, all fitted with aftermarket tracking devices and security cameras. Criminals broke into one Sprinter vehicle, ripping out the tracking equipment and driving off. Buta Singh, who runs the business with his sister Baljit Johal contacted Ciceley Commercials to let them know.

Later, staff from the dealer traced it by using the Mercedes PRO connect software, which utilises the vehicle’s 4G Internet connectivity to pinpoint a vehicle’s location in real time. Bolton branch Sales Manager at Ciceley Commercials Gary Bridge and service department colleagues, eventually tracked down the stolen van’s movements to a yard in Leeds.

They told Police who recovered the vehicle 20 minutes later, almost intact but without the tracker Singh said. “The vehicle was clearly going to be shipped abroad or stripped down for parts. If it hadn’t been found so quickly, I’m sure we’d never have seen it again. It’s only thanks to Mercedes PRO connect and Ciceley Commercials that we were able to recover our van and avoid what would have been a substantial loss.”

L-R Buta Singh, Baljit Johal and Gary Bridge