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Council buys Dennis Eagle refuse trucks

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Dennis Eagle has supplied Monmouthshire County Council with seven narrow Elite bin lorries that feature twin pack bodies and specially designed bin lifts to make it easier to collect recycling materials in narrow, crowded streets.

The 18 tonne vehicles on 4×2 chassis have split bodies for keeping different recycling streams separate. Their bin lifts, specially modified by Dennis Eagle to meet Monmouthshire requirements, are designed to minimise movement of the bins from the back of the vehicle.

The whole project was facilitated by Dennis Eagle’s Regional Sales Manager Adam Robins, who said: “I’m glad we were able to go that extra mile to help Monmouthshire Council find a solution to the challenges facing them. They have a couple of old, historic towns with narrow streets and confined spaces and they need to be able to safely collect both bags and bins in the same rounds.”