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Electric Mercedes-Benz eActros on the road

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Mercedes-Benz has delivered an eActros to regionally based logistics company Logistik Schmitt in Germany which it will operate in place of a conventional diesel truck as part of a field test transporting transmission housings.

The eActros will be tested on an around 7 kilometres stretch in a three-shift system between Logistik Schmitt’s warehouse in Ötigheim and Rastatt’s Mercedes-Benz Gaggenau plant.

The daily distance travelled by the 25-tonne truck will total around 168 kilometres. Stefan Buchner, Head of Mercedes-Benz Trucks: “Our eActros has been out on public roads since June 2018 and has already covered more than 30,000 kilometres with its battery-electric drive.

“Together with customers, we have been compiling experiences of the eActros in regular everyday operations since September. Its range of 200 kilometres has proved to be absolutely realistic. The eActros completes its transportation tasks regardless of the route or other factors.”

The expenses involved in installing one charging station at each customer’s premises is comparatively low. In the second phase of the eActros project in the same region, the 25-tonne truck from the first phase will be replaced by an advanced version of the electric truck in the form of a semitrailer tractor unit.

This will allow Mercedes-Benz to evaluate the eActros against a ‘catenary’ truck (powered by overhead cables like a train). This parallel testing of the eActros and the catenary trucks will take place for approximately one year, followed by a direct comparison with a catanery truck for two weeks.

Currently there are no plans for catenary trucks at Daimler because of the high infrastructure costs involved of overhead lines at present and in view of the rapid development of battery and fuel cell technology.