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The Boss’s CV – Carlos Rodrigues | Feature

In our regular look at the Boss’s credentials, we cast our beady eye over the CV of Carlos Rodrigues - Managing Director of Renault Trucks UK

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Name : Carlos Rodrigues

Company : Renault Trucks UK

Position : Managing Director

Carlos Rodrigues – Managing Director Renault Trucks UK

Age : 41

What was your first-ever job?:

Whilst studying at university I had a part-time job doing home deliveries.

How did you get into the commercial vehicle business?:

I joined the Renault Trucks brand in Lyon in 2004 after 4 years working for a consulting company in Paris. It was actually my girl-friend, which is now my wife, who found the job advert. It is all down to her really!

What does your job entail?:

Essentially it is about setting the strategy and direction of the company and making sure that we take the Renault Trucks brand in the UK and Irish markets to the next level in terms of market share. It is important for me to secure strong relationships with our dealer network and ensure that everyone is on-board for this journey.

How will your job/business change over the next 2 years?:

I don’t foresee many changes in the next 2 years. It will all be around delivering the strategy we have agreed with our colleagues from France and our dealer network.

What other job roles have you had?:

My background has essentially been on the finance side of the business. I have held positions as Internal Audit Director and Finance Director of the retail business in Spain, Vice-President Finance EMEA for Retail Development and most recently Volvo Group Finance Director in the UK. However, I have always been very close to the operations and interested in the business. Having an overall business understanding helps to bring the numbers to life!

What advice would you give to young people joining the industry? :

The commercial vehicle industry is full of opportunities for young people. At Renault Trucks we have many motivated people that joined the company at a young age and have been supported by solid competence development programs. My advice would be to start on the retail side of the business and learn the customers’ needs/ where the value is created.

How do you relax?:

I like to play tennis with my children and I try to go to the gym regularly. I am also looking into the benefits of meditation by reading a book with testimonials of great leaders practising it.

Favourite holiday destination?:

I love to go skiing in the Alps during the winter and I cannot miss my yearly trip back to Portugal (Algarve).

Favourite book/film :

I don’t really have a favourite book but I enjoy books mixing history and science-fiction. I have recently read Angels & Demons.

Favourite music :

I enjoy listening to all sort of music from pop, rock and down to Portuguese “modern” Fado such as Ana Moura or Cristina Branco.

First car and cost :

The first car I drove was a Talbot 1510 GLS. Amazing car! It was my mum’s! However the first car I owned was a red Renault Clio Diesel which I bought for around 40000 francs at that time.

Dream car: I own a 911, 997 generation, and that was always my dream to own a Porsche. I did a trip to Zuffenhausen recently and it was an amazing experience.

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