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New AIR KIT FOR NEW Generation Scanias

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Scania R Series SpoilerScania provides two air kits of their own but these don’t cater for trailers above 4.1m. With this in mind Hatcher set about finding a solution for operators with Tall Boy trailers, and complementing the smart lines of Scania’s latest truck generation.

Hatcher designer Liam King says style was very much part of the brief. “Obviously the first objective is to optimise aerodynamic efficiency but you’re also trying to retain the unique styling of the vehicle. We’ve incorporated the chamfered edges and the convex cab outline throughout the full air kit.”

Hatcher tested the design using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with the aid ofCoventry University. The company’s experience of earlier design configurations have shown drag reductions as much as 18% compared to OEM equipment, resulting in fuel savings of c.6% in real world driving conditions.

The adjustable air kit suits all trailers operating in the UK market so is ideal for hauliers with mixed trailer fleets.

One of the problems with adjustable spoilers is that gaps in the design can impair optimum drag reduction so Hatcher has looked at this too. “A problem with some adjustable designs is that to provide height adjustment it can create gaps which create turbulence around the vehicle, reducing aerodynamic efficiency. Using CFD and our design capability we have been able to minimise this creating an extremely even airflow from the front of the cab and over the trailer, even when deployed at 4.6m,” adds Mr King.

The Hatcher spoiler accommodates the CR20 with standard roof but P C R and S model options are on the way. These require different side streamers and the company is in the process of completing the design of these.

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