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We talk to Brett Reid, Iveco UK’s used trucks guru in the UK

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Brett has a background in vehicle sales – from passenger car up to heavy haulage trucks spending some fifteen years in the industry working with other manufacturers.

Brett has a background in vehicle sales – from passenger car up to heavy haulage trucks spending some fifteen years in the industry working with other manufacturers.

CVD: Tell us more about the OK Trucks Initiative.
BR: OK TRUCKS is now present in more than twenty countries. Since 2015 we have a professional team that supports our customers on the choice of the more suitable second-hand vehicles to meet their most demanding needs and, of course, to get the best value for money. All our vehicles have had a number of checks and inspections as part of them are coming back to us once the relative buyback contract has expired. These checks are important and lead to a higher satisfaction of the customers buying an OK TRUCKS vehicle who knows that we guarantee the quality and reliability of their next vehicle. Based on vehicles characteristics, such as age, mileage and available services packages, they are divided into three categories – Premium, Comfort and Basic – in order to best meet the needs of our customers.

Brett Reid

Brett Reid, IVECO pre owned manager for UK and ROI


CVD: Give us a flavour of what your role entails.
BR: It is to raise the understanding within our network and the UK market place that OK TRUCKS has viable and commercially sound vehicles. Our second and third life offerings include an expansive range of vehicles with competitive offers on price and aftermarket care.
We have been putting up to three year old Euro 6 product back into the market place and very competitive pricing with three years R&M coverage, allowing operators the confidence to upgrade to younger vehicles to keep on top of the emissions and fuel economy race. More importantly with the upcoming Clean Air Zone initiative coming soon, customers really need to start looking to update to Euro 6 compliant vehicles so as to save additional charges when travelling in these areas.

CVD: How are the dealers performing?
BR: We have three OK TRUCKS partners across the country who are our specialists in the return, preparation and re sale of second hand product in the UK. Our sales are steadily growing. The highlights have certainly been seeing our dealers win business on second and third life vehicles from operators running vehicles from our competition, who have a larger market share than we do. What I feel needs attention is our ability to ensure an offer for every customer. In fact at the latter part of this year we have created and offer on our Euro 5 Stralis Hi-Way range, which is ideal for new starters and hauliers who won’t be travelling through the CAZ / LEZ areas as these are still fantastic trucks with a lot to offer.
I have my own targets for OK TRUCKS and the dealer network going into 2019 to be more ambitious when looking for customers to sell to, as we have a lot to offer and more often customers are not aware of the tools at our disposal. I want to instill confidence in every member of staff and customer who touches our vehicles. We have a fantastic and wide range that not everyone has.


“Throughout various sales roles over the years I have learned a valuable lesson: what most customers are looking for is somebody to lead them through a process of matching up their requirements with the products and services, which have to be offered in a timely and professional manner. This will encourage brand loyalty and repeat business.”

CVD: Do you have mainly tractor units in stock?
BR: We are rich in stock range at the moment in the UK as we have everything: from 3.5 Tonne Daily Luton vans, 7.5 Tonne Eurocargo Box, Beavertails, Curtain Siders up to 18 – 26 tonne variants, plus a healthy range of tractor units be it 4×2 or 6×2 variants with a plethora of engine size and specifications.OK Trucks

CVD: What percentage of used trucks are you selling on finance/ R&M packages?
BR: We are currently running at a trend of nearly all 2–3yr old Euro 6 tractor units. The younger vehicles are sold based on an operating lease including R&M packages, where the older vehicles are sold on a more conventional Hire Purchase route.

CVD: Have you made any special preparations in terms of Euro 6 stock for the ULEZ next year?
BR: We are more than ready as we have a healthy stock portfolio now and will continue into next year, so we are more prepared than ever to supply vehicles to comply with the ULEZ regulations that are coming. In addition, given that our product is SCR ONLY, this will stand out better than our competition when it comes to down time.

CVD: What is the main message you would like to get over to the dealer network and truck operators?
BR: Tough times lie ahead that none of us can plan for really, so it would be better to keep things up to date in a cost effective fashion. Choose OK TRUCKS for this and keep your business moving at an agreeable rate that should develop post Brexit along with your business. Dealers let’s keep pushing forward and getting stock moving back into our market!

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