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The Volvo Group has detected that an emissions control component used in certain markets is degrading more quickly than expected, which could cause the engines to exceed emissions limits for oxides of nitrogen (NOx).Volvo Flags

All the trucks meet the specified limits when new, but the performance worsens more quickly than planned by the manufacturer.

The nature of the information released by the company indicates that this is likely to be no small issue and will effect trucks across Europe and North America.

The company’s investigation so far indicates that this degradation does not seem to affect all vehicles and engines in the same way and to the same extent. The company is now in the process of informing the appropriate authorities in various markets and beginning discussions regarding remedial plans.

Our assumption is that there could be some recalls on the cards for Volvo in the UK – It is not clear whether Renault Trucks are impacted or not.

The company is at pains to stress that the degradation of the component does not pose a product safety issue, nor does it negatively affect vehicle or engine performance in areas other than emissions control.

Volvo says that, “…it is not possible to assess the financial impact at this stage; however the cost to redeem the issue could be material. “

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