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In The Headlights – Rachel Payne – Dealerpoint Manager RHCV Northampton

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RHCV Rachel PayneThis month, Rachel Payne, dog-loving, high flying Dawn French-wannabe and Dealerpoint Manager at RHCV is like a startled French Bulldog in our Headlights.

What is your current job position?

Dealer Point Manager at RH Commercial Vehicles’ (RHCV) Northampton site. The site was acquired earlier this year by RHCV to help expand the Renault Trucks Dealers’ footprint across the East Midlands.

That’s sounds pretty big wiggish! What is the strangest or most challenging job you’ve ever done?

 The strangest experience I have had during my career was when I worked for a car dealer. One of our customers brought in a brand-new vehicle which had a bad smell. Turns out it was a rodent which had crawled through the air vent into the dashboard and I had to remove it! 

R.I.P. Roland Rat! What would be your dream job?

 It would be a fantastic experience to be an airline pilot as I would have the opportunity to travel the world while I work.

 This is Rach your captain speaking! If you had your time again, would you have followed the same career path?

I love my job at RHCV but I am a firm believer that if you have your time again, you should always try something different.

 Just not a rat! If you had been reincarnated, who or what do you think you think you were in a past life?

A French Bulldog – I love them and have one called Ronnie who is seven months old.

Aaaaaaw I love them too! And what do you think you deserve to be in the next?

 Again, it would be great to be a dog – they have the life of luxury and do nothing more than eat, sleep and play all day.

Not sure big Ron would agree, he likes to pick up his own poo! If you could invite any four people to a dinner party, living or dead, who would they be – and why?

Elvis Presley – He would provide some excellent entertainment for the party.

My Mum – She is an excellent cook so she could help me with preparing a delicious dinner for everyone.

Winston Churchill – There is lots of interesting history surrounding Winston Churchill so it would be fascinating to have a conversation with him.

David Essex – Again, he is an excellent performer to entertain guests.

Elvis takes Rachel to Church in Essex! Best corporate jolly or incentive?

 RHCV held a brilliant party in a marquee with a live band and cocktails a few months back. The party was held by the directors to celebrate the recent Renault Trucks Dealer Awards win and to say thank you to all the staff. We all had a great time!

 I’m sure it was more than just a great time! What are your passions outside the workplace?

I love the gym. I usually go about five times a week.

 That makes you a gym bunny girl, without the ears! If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?

 Dawn French because she is just generally funny and so down to earth.

 Bit like you Rach! Who would be your dream date?

Tom Hardy because he is beautiful and a very good actor.

 Agreed! Describe yourself in five words.

Happy, Crazy, Outgoing, Bubbly, Driven.

 A smiley mad woman driving a bubble car out on the tooooooooooon!!!!!


 Dog or Cat?  Dog

 Beer or Wine?  Wine

 Football or Rugby? Rugby

Pans people or Hot Gossip?  Hot Gossip

 Benny Hill or Morecambe & Wise? Morecambe & Wise

Magnificent 7 or Pulp Fiction? Pulp Fiction

Night club or restaurant? Restaurant

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