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New Actros Launched ahead of IAA Truck Show

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Although not looking vastly different, to the outgoing model, Mercedes-Benz have claimed a few ‘firsts’ with their new Actros. The company has focused on the technology, rather than the appearance of the truck.  That said, the most striking difference is the obvious loss of traditional wing mirrors.  These have been replaced by mirror-cams which will help with aerodynamics and, Mercedes-Benz believe, will help improve safety as well.

Mirror Cam Actros

New Model Mercedes-Benz Actros 1863 Mirror-Cam

These replacement mirrors no doubt contribute to Mercedes-Benz’s claim that the new truck is between three- and five-percent more fuel efficient dependent upon duty cycle.

Further technology sees Mercedes introduce a partially automated driving system.  Active Drive Assist can now brake, accelerate and steer regardless of the vehicle’s speed.

2019 Model Actros Mirror Cam

New Model Mercedes-Benz Actros 1863 LS Exterior Shot – Mirror Cam

Further safety enhancements have been introduced, thanks to the Active Brake Assist 5 system.  This new braking system now works with both cameras and radars and supports the driver when there is a danger of a rear-end collision or a collision with person crossing, oncoming or walking in the truck’s path.

Inside the Actros, the engineers have improved the ‘Human-Machine-Interface’ – or dashboard to the rest of us.  There are now two screens as standard that use Apple’s CarPlay and the Android Auto system plus relevant information shown from Mercedes-Benz Fleetboard and servicing information.

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