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Light commercial vehicle market grows 5.0% in August

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The British light commercial vehicle (LCV) market grew last month according to figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Just over 16,000 new LCVs were registered in the traditionally small month of August, representing a 5.0% increase in demand.

  • New light commercial vehicle registrations increase 5.0% in August, as 16,394 vans and pick-ups join British roads.
  • Uplift in demand for popular large vans (14.6%) and pickups (21.4%) offsets declines for medium (-29.7%) and smaller (-9.3%) models.
  • Year-to-date market down -2.2% compared to same period in 2017, as monthly registrations continue to fluctuate.

Main Chart Aug 2018


Pickups experienced the largest rise in the month up 21.4.%, while demand for large vans saw a 14.6% increase to take over two-thirds (67.2%) of all van registrations. Meanwhile, it was a different picture for small and medium sized vans which fell -9.3% and -29.7% respectively

Year-to-date registrations are down -2.2%, with 220,399 new LCVs joining British roads so far this year, as fluctuating registrations caused by variations in fleet buying cycles and business confidence continue to affect the market.

Mike Hawes, SMMT Chief Executive, said, “August is typically one of the quietest months for new LCV registrations, so the increase in demand for these high-tech, ultra-low and zero-emission vehicles is especially welcome news. While year-to-date figures show the market remains at a reasonably high level, weak business confidence and uncertainty means fluctuations in demand will likely continue throughout year.”

Once again, market leaders, Ford and Volkswagen showed the competition the way in August.  Although not a particularly important month for registrations as is precedes the vital September bonanza, the year on year comparison is still worthy of note.  In addition to the top two, Mercedes-Benz pulled back the ground that it lost in July to Vauxhall and has made the likelihood of a fifth or fourth place finish by year end more of a reality.  The three pointed star as Mercedes typically finished the year posting some good registration figures with August’s second place being a perfect example.

Looking further down the table, MAN registered almost a third of their total for the year in August with 120 units registered of a total of just 381 for the year.

Commercial vehicles < 3.5 t August 2018

 MarqueAug-18Aug-17% ChangeYTD-18%YTD-17%% Change
Total light CV16,39415,6194.96220,399100.00225,311100.00-2.18
1Ford (1) [1]5,6855,00813.5278,18935.4872,47032.167.89
2Volkswagen (2) [2]1,8391,7375.8726,47212.0125,47311.313.92
3Peugeot (3) [3]1,7041,926-11.5323,06410.4623,01310.210.22
4Citroen (4) [6]1,0111,120-9.7317,3037.8517,2727.670.18
5Vauxhall (5) [5]1,1931,385-13.8615,6977.1218,2058.08-13.78
6Mercedes (6) [4]2,0951,35854.2715,4156.9918,1798.07-15.20
7Renault (7) [7]557606-8.099,4304.2812,9325.74-27.08
8Nissan (8) [8]50842120.678,3833.8010,5234.67-20.34
9Mitsubishi (9) [10]2912678.996,4352.926,2982.802.18
10Toyota (10) [11]287321-10.596,2062.826,3942.84-2.94
11Fiat (11) [9]449582-22.855,6452.567,3453.26-23.14
12Isuzu (12) [12]197380-48.162,9071.323,4461.53-15.64
13Iveco (13) [13]222267-16.852,0290.921,9380.864.70
14Renault Trucks (14) [14]65147-55.789810.458470.3815.82
15Land Rover (15) [13]3100.007790.35200.013795.00
16Isuzu Trucks (16) [16]412564.004060.182400.1169.17
17MAN (18) [N/A]12000.003810.1700.000.00
18LDV (17) [17]563180.652910.132150.1035.35
19SSANGYONG (19) [15]32313.232020.092930.13-31.06
20Mitsubishi Fuso (20) [18]4333.331000.051060.05-5.66
21DACIA (21) [20]72250.00550.02450.0222.22
22Hyundai (22) [21]010.00250.01300.01-16.67
23Great Wall (23) [22]010.0040.00270.01-85.19

(figures in brackets are last month’s positions) [figures are end of 2017 figures]

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