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Volkswagen Caddy And Amarok Delivered To Animal Charity

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Volkswagen Caddy And Amarok Delivered To Animal CharityAnimal conservation charity Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve has taken delivery of 30 new Volkswagen Caddy and Amarok models to help maintain its wildlife reserve.

Based in Kent, the charity works in conjunction with The Aspinall Foundation caring for 800 animals across 600 acres of multi-terrain land.

The brand new Volkswagen Caddy and Amarok models replace the reserve’s ageing fleet and assist staff as they care for the animals.

The Amarok was selected for its versatility and ability on multi-terrain land while the Caddy’s safety and reliability ticked all the boxes for veterinary teams who need to respond to emergencies and carry out routine animal checks.

The JCB Group helped Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve to source its new fleet, providing financial support towards their purchase. The family-owned business, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, sells new and used vehicles across 19 sites in Kent and Sussex.

Jonathan Bischoff, Managing Director of the JCB Group, said: “We aim to actively support local charity projects and particularly admire the efforts Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve undertakes in its mission to educate, protect and conserve endangered wildlife.

“We are delighted that our assistance and support in procuring a new fleet of vehicles will help the charity further provide expert care to the animals it protects and deliver more exciting events for visitors in order to generate income to expand conservation efforts.”

Damian Aspinall, Chairman of The Aspinall Foundation said: “We are delighted that the JCB Group have chosen to support us with these vehicles. Our teams at Port Lympne Hotel & Reserve rely heavily on having vehicles that can take on the challenges of working across a 600 acre, multi-terrain wildlife reserve, in a variety of roles and these Amaroks and Caddys have already proved that they are up to the task.”