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Veterans Benefit From ‘Archaeological Therapy’, Thanks To Anchor Vans

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Veterans Benefit From 'Archaeological Therapy', Thanks To Anchor VansCommercial vehicle hypermarket Anchor Vans was proud to support the charity that brings modern-day veterans closer to a historic battle site of their ancestors.

For the second time, Anchor Vans provided Waterloo Uncovered with a support vehicle that enabled veterans to take part in a therapeutic archaeological dig at Waterloo battlefield, which took place in July 2018.

Simon Joyce, managing director of the Reading-based firm, said he’s “proud” to have Anchor Vans support such a worthy cause again.

“We were really happy to have helped Waterloo Uncovered again with the support vehicle which was required for veterans to take part in their archaeological dig,” he said.“As an organisation, we are committed to supporting good causes like this, using our resources as the biggest dealer of used vans in the UK. We supported a similar trip for Waterloo Uncovered two years ago, and are delighted to see that this year’s dig was also a huge success.”

Waterloo Uncovered, which was founded by Mark Evans and Charlie Foinette – both Coldstream Guards and former archaeology students who also served in Afghanistan – has supported veterans’ progress in the excavation of the Waterloo battle site in Belgium since 2015.

The charity supports the physical and mental recovery and welfare of veterans through archaeology, with both charity founders believing that the dig helps veterans find a useful route towards recovery and wellbeing.

“Running a dig of this scale takes a lot of logistics and a lot of transport,” said co-founder Mark Evans. “We’re grateful to Anchor vans for, once again, helping us to transport the equipment we need to the battlefield dig. We – literally – couldn’t get there without you!”

He went on to say: “Many in our team are suffering from physical and mental disabilities and issues as a consequence of their service, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

“The opportunities Waterloo Uncovered offers can be life-changing. Veterans feel part of a group, and can follow up their fascination with the history to gain new skills and confidence.”

This year, Waterloo Uncovered excavated at Hougoumont Chateau from July 7 to 21. One hundred people joined the dig – more than a third of them veterans and serving personnel. Previously, veterans excavating this site have helped uncover French and British musket balls, uniform, and ancient buildings.