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Online Supermarket Ocado Takes On 29 IVECO Stralis NP CNG Trucks

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Online Supermarket Ocado Takes On 29 IVECO Stralis NP CNG TrucksOnline supermarket Ocado is set to take on 29 new IVECO Stralis NP tractor units, marking the largest order for single-fuel gas-powered trucks of any manufacturer to date in the UK – with the refuelling infrastructure provided by Gasrec.

Supplied by Guest Truck and Van, five of the compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles will enter service immediately and the remaining 24 trucks will go into operation later in the year when Ocado’s dedicated natural gas refuelling facility is opened by Gasrec.

Stuart Skingsley of Ocado, says: “We were immediately attracted to the Stralis NP when it was launched as it appeared to be the step change in technology that would drive gas-powered trucks to a new place in the market. The demonstrator vehicle received positive feedback from our drivers, and our own experience driving the vehicle was also positive.

“The green credentials of this vehicle are clear, and once we had reviewed the fuel costs against our existing diesel fleet it was clear there was also a cost benefit to running these cleaner, quieter vehicles.”

Ocado has opted for a full repair and maintenance package with Guest Truck and Van throughout the five-year lease period, which will see all servicing work take place within the IVECO network.

Pierre Lahutte, IVECO Brand President, says: “Ocado has earned a reputation as an environmentally responsible company and they recognise the expertise IVECO has as the leading technology developer in the natural gas-powered commercial vehicle sector.”

The Stralis NP is powered by a Cursor 9 Euro VI natural gas engine which doesn’t require any diesel or petrol-derived fuel, and benefits from a maintenance-free and AdBlue-free after-treatment system. It delivers the same output of 400 hp and 1,700 Nm torque as its diesel equivalent.

Each vehicle emits 50 per cent less NOx emissions, 95 per cent less particulate matter versus Euro VI limits, and 95 per cent less CO2 when using compressed biomethane. They are fitted with eight gas tanks, offering an expected range of up to 600km.

IVECO was the first commercial vehicle manufacturer to look at the potential of natural gas in 1991 – an anticipation that allowed the company to develop a full range of natural gas trucks, vans and buses. Currently, more than 25,000 IVECO gas-powered vehicles have been delivered into service.