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Fiat Adds Sportivo Models to Van Line-Up

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All of Fiat’s current LCV ranges are getting the Sportivo treatment, with this new trim level adding a few appealing features as the Italian manufacturer attempts to cater to owner-drivers.

Everything from the compact Fiorino to the high-capacity Ducato will be adapted with its own Sportivo offering, making each example stand out from the crowd and giving them a bit more personality as a result.

The underlying equipment is equivalent to that of the Tecnico trim level, meaning that you get a touchscreen infotainment system and air con in the cab as well as parking sensors at the rear to streamline manoeuvring and cruise control capabilities to reduce driver fatigue over long distances.

However, there are plenty of unique touches that are exclusive to Sportivo models. These include a set of alloy rims which combine black and red detailing to create an eye-catching finish as well as colour-coded bumpers and a metallic paint job on the outside.

Fiat spokesperson Richard Chamberlain explained that this aesthetic attractiveness would be a key advantage of this family of vehicles, allowing business operators to drive a practical van during the week while still having something they would be happy to head out in during their leisure time at the weekends.

The most affordable of the Sportivo models is available at a little under £15,000 before VAT is taken into account and effectively bundles in more than £2000 of optional extras and upgrades at a reduced price.

The larger two vans in Fiat’s family, the Talento and Ducato, actually get a few more features in their Sportivo forms than their smaller stablemates. These include a reversing camera which improves safety and reduces the likelihood of damage being done along with a leather steering wheel which has a premium finish and will make the interior of the cab even more welcoming for drivers and passengers alike.