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Increased Volkswagen Payload Now Launched To Market By Ingimex

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One of the UK’s largest vehicle body manufacturers is celebrating its highly-anticipated range of VW bodies now being in production.

Following its successful unveiling at the CV Show in 2017, Shropshire-based Ingimex has officially started production of its Pick-up and Tip-up bodies to supplement the Volkswagen Transporter 3.2t chassis, enabling end users – for the first time ever – to benefit from increased payloads of 1.2tonne and 1tonne respectively.

The bodies were designed exclusively with the VW Transporter chassis aesthetic in mind, with tubular bulkheads and underbody footsteps aligning seamlessly with the cab’s profile. And, the vehicle is supplied with multiple load securing points on both the deck and bulkheads, providing users with an extensive provision of payload security and safety.

Justin Gallen, Managing Director of Ingimex, explained: “We had phenomenal feedback during the unveiling at the CV Show in 2017 and are pleased to now be bringing the bodies to market. The range is available exclusively to VW and we have worked closely in partnership with them to develop this product.”

Users can streamline their own processes, enhance fuel efficiency, and subsequently fuel consumption by utilising the compact 3.2t vehicle with low CO2 emissions, thanks to payloads equivalent to vehicles that are 300kg heavier at 3.5t.

Justin added: “The market, for the first time, now has the opportunity to take full advantage of load handling which is typically associated with larger vehicles, but with the driving characteristics of a compact lifestyle working vehicle.

“We handle everything in-house at our state-of-the-art facility in Telford, from initial concept right through to design, testing and delivery, and the Pick-up and Tip-up range has undergone extensive development in partnership with VW, so we are hugely excited to be bringing this new addition to market.”

Like all of Ingimex’s products, the new family is designed to offer longevity with its high-quality build, and comes with a comprehensive range of features as standard. Ingimex also commit to support its clients post-purchase with a UK manufactured body and spare parts available as quickly as next day, and available for as long as 10 years.