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WD & A Haley Favour Volvo Range T Tag Axles

WMS Warranty

WD & A Haley Favour Volvo Range T Tag Axles Border Trucks Carlisle has supplied Dumfriesshire-based forestry company WD & A Haley with two Range T520 tag axles to add to its seven-strong fleet.

The new T520s have already been put to the test pulling 28-29 tonnes of logs from local forestry in the remote and challenging environment of Beattock summit to the north of Lockerbie in Scotland.

WD & A Haley owner, Antony Haley comments on the purchases: “Forestry work is tough, the landscape is awash with steep embankments and we needed something with plenty of grip and power. The T520s give us this by the ‘bucket-load’, coping skillfully with all types of terrain – they just keep going!

The tag axle is good for tight corners too and, importantly, gives us the traction on the hills and on difficult land.”

The T520s includes a 13-litre engine providing a maximum torque of 2550Nm, Optidriver automated gearbox with gear-shifting optimised for fuel eco, Alcoa Dura-Bright aluminium wheels and hydraulic power steering. . They also come with a 5-year repair and maintenance contract and are fitted to logging industry skeleton trailers with timber bolsters.

The Range Ts are equipped with a Bigfoot Tyre Deflation system which allows drivers to control the air pressure in each tyre from the driving seat, giving extra traction in challenging conditions and reducing damage to forestry roads.