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Emissions-Free Waste Collection Truck From Dennis Eagle Launched

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Emissions-Free Waste Collection Truck From Dennis Eagle LaunchedYet another all-electric HGV has been introduced to the world in the past few days, this time coming from manufacturer Dennis Eagle.

The zero-emissions truck made its debut at IFAT 2018 over in Germany, combining a sustainable powertrain and low entry cab with a waste collection body in a package that is tuned to urban use.
The vehicle is known as the eCollect and will be released in early 2020.

What sets this truck apart from the other electric equivalents which are in development at the moment is that the battery technology it has embraced is right at the cutting edge of the market. With the ability to store energy in higher capacities, it should boast a better range and enough power to carry out the intensive collection tasks that it will face on the streets of cities across Europe.

Weighing in at 26 tonnes, the eCollect will be powered by a 200kW electric motor. The manufacturer is planning to make this model available in either a left- or right-hand drive configuration, so it will likely make an appearance in the UK once it goes into production.