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The level of technology built into modern commercial vehicles (both light and heavy) has increased dramatically in recent years, with the pace of development set to continue.

The demands on commercial vehicles has never been greater and the needs of the owner to maximise the working time on the road means that the workshops have to complete regular maintenance quickly and also identify and sometimes complete other work that avoids any downtime before the next service.

Workshops are demanding diagnostic products that help them to better understand the vehicle condition by providing more information to the technicians that includes wiring diagrams and component testing.

Eclipse Automotive Technology Ltd is one of the largest suppliers of multi-brand diagnostic tools for Trucks, Trailers, Bus/Coach, Agri/plant and Cars.

Eclipse Diagnostics for Trucks

The Eclipse Jaltest Truck Package is a Multi-Brand diagnostic solution for Trucks, Bus/Coach, Trailers and Light commercial vehicles. Using the powerful Jaltest software, numerous systems can be accessed on the vehicle and fault descriptions displayed on screen in text.

The package includes:-
• Eclipse Testpad Extreme, handheld workshop Tablet PC
• Jaltest Link multiplexer with Bluetooth 4 (up to 100m)
• European truck & trailer cable kit
• Jaltest Soft diagnostic multi brand software

Additionally, this package is backed up by an industry leading Technical Support Service which is widely used by Eclipse customers in the UK and around the world.

Jaltest Functionality

The functionality within the software package includes:

• Reading and deleting of error codes saved in the vehicle ECU
• Displaying and graphing of live vehicle data
• Adjustment of vehicle settings
• Activate devices and components
• Programming of ECU’s on many systems
• Detailed interactive wiring diagrams

Jaltest diagnostics equipment covers a multitude of brands including the major commercial vehicle manufacturers, including: DAF, MAN, Hino, Iveco, Mitsubishi Fuso, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Scania, Volvo, Isuzu and many other brands.

Euro6 Engine with Reported Power Loss

Engine advances have led to a need to remove the build up of soot in the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) and whilst this should usually happen automatically through a process called Exhaust Regeneration, there is occasionally a requirement to resort to manual assistance. Dave Rees, Technical Director of Eclipse Automotive Technology shows how easily you can do it with the Testpad Extreme and Jaltest software.
1. Under normal driving conditions Euro 6 Automatic Active Regeneration will remove the excessive soot accumulation in the Diesel Particulate Filer (DPF).
2. If however the vehicle cannot reach the required exhaust temperature for Active Regeneration due to e.g. (low engine load) forced stationary regeneration.
3. If the driver chooses to ignore the sequence of soot accumulation warning messages, the vehicle will enter reduced power (torque limitation) with a display message “Regenerate Now”.
5. A DAF CF Euro 6 was unable to perform both an Active and Manual regeneration process and was subjected to reduced power putting the vehicle out of operation. Using the Jaltest diagnostics we were able to perform a full scan of the vehicle diagnosing the various control modules to determine why it could not self regenerate.
6. We found the PCI (Paccar Commonrail Injection) ECU to have an active error stating the DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) had a fault on its inlet temperature sensor. Jaltest was used to view the current state of the temperature sensor and its value. Also by using Eclipse Technical Support, we could verify the fault code and exactly what was happening with the sensor.
7. The new temperature sensor, checked by the software allowed the deletion of the error and then the Jaltest software was used to carry out the stationary regeneration process.

Loss of transmission on a Alexander Dennis Dart

When an Alexander Dennis Dart lost transmission power the customer contacted the Technical Support Team and the fault was initially run against the relevant manufacturer standard data to see whether they could expand on the fault description. Next the support team used the Customer Management Database to view past occurrences of the fault code and what were the common causes and outcomes.

The Eclipse Technical Advisor then explained that a System Scan had identified a fault code P0721. They found numerous reports attached to the output speed sensor where the component has previously been replaced but the fault kept reoccurring.

Using the technical information built into the Jaltest diagnostics the Technical Support Team can guide the user to the location of the output speed sensor. It was requested that this sensor was removed so that it could be inspected for the presence of metal particles.

On removal there was found to be fused metal particles attached to the sensor tip confirming both internal wear to the transmission as well as oil contamination.

The transmission was then removed and stripped to expose excessive play in the main shaft caused by a worn end bearing.

The discovery of the damaged bearing clearly displayed the ability of Jaltest to identify faults and the presence of the Technical Support Team to add value to the findings by referencing their extensive database and leading to swift repair which allowed it to quickly recommence work.

This is just one in the large library of brands/models that are catered for within Jaltest. The bus and coach diagnostics software covers a multitude of brands including: Alexander Dennis, Irisbus, Neoplan, Optare, Setra, Van Hool, VDL Volvo and many others.

Eclipse Technical Support

When purchasing diagnostic products from Eclipse, our customers are reassured to know that as well as training in the Eclipse Training Centre, we provide a telephone Technical Support Service second to none. Each call to Eclipse is logged and technical questions put to the team along with the answers given are entered in to a knowledge base for use when providing future advice to customers.

The large number of vehicles built into the range of Eclipse diagnostic packages will help workshops large or small to improve their performance. There are already many workshops including major fleet maintenance groups and even dealerships that have discovered the value of Eclipse Diagnostics.

For more information, visit or call 03454 66 66 99.