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Electric Truck to Handle Waste Collection in London

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Electric Truck to Handle Waste Collection in LondonA truck powered entirely by electricity is being put through its paces in the City of London to see how zero-emissions a electric truck might benefit local authorities.

The electric HGV tips the scales at 26 tonnes and has a bank of onboard batteries that provide it with enough power to operate for ten hours without needing to be recharged.

The eco-friendly refuse truck will be carrying out collection duties in the capital until April. It will then be shipped to other parts of the UK for similar urban try-outs to help other councils decide whether or not to make a full investment in this kind of truck.

Project spokesperson Jeremy Simons said that what makes this truck especially unique is that every aspect of its operation relies on electric motors, with no combustion engine of any kind on board. This means that it is not only driven without generating harmful emissions but also compresses and processes waste and recycling materials without consuming a drop of diesel.

In the long run the aim is to adopt an entire fleet of waste collection trucks that run on electricity, resulting in improved air quality in London’s central areas and lower costs for operators, claims Simons.

He also explained that the City of London Corporation is looking to reduce the number of vehicles which are present on the roads altogether, targeting trucks and vans in an attempt to ease congestion and reduce pollution. This means engaging with businesses based in the area to ensure their commitment to similar goals.

The truck being trialled this month is known as the Electra, and aside from its clean, green power train it offers all of the other features that can be found on modern HGVs designed for use in towns and cities.