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Flettner Ventilator | Feature

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Flettner Ventilator | Feature

Cabins of Commercial vehicles do not have air conditioning – this is where Flettner plays an important part. Flettner vents ensure potentially hazardous fumes, chemicals and gases are replaced with fresh, clean air.

Flettner vents cater to everyone. Whether you are a fleet owner, tradesman, gas engineer or delivery driver, Flettner will have a product to suit your needs. In fact, all commercial vehicle drivers should be more aware of the benefits a ventilator has to offer once it is installed.

Versatile, Reliable, Simple

The company, which has been in business since 1931, pride themselves on being ‘versatile, reliable and simple’. All products are manufactured using high-quality UV-resistant plastic in a combination of polypropylene and glass-filled nylon plastic which means they do not color over time unlike competitor ventilators which tend to use cheaper plastics. The bolts and bearings are made from stainless steel and the nyloc nuts are high on safety to prevent the vent coming apart. Flettner vents are used by a variety of mainstream businesses such as British Gas, British Rail, Anglian Water and Tesco.

“We are ‘Versatile’ as we tailor our products to our customer’s needs and are always looking at ways we can help our customers and make their lives easier.” Explains Flettner’s General Manager, Pascal Lenferink. “We offer other accessories to go hand-in-hand with our ventilators to cater to niche markets.

We are ‘Simple’ as we make it as easy as possible to fit the vents, it really is as simple as removing the vent from the packaging and attaching it to the roof of the vehicle with four bolts! Versatile, Reliable, Simple embodies our mindset as a business and builds on our focus of high quality products, customer service and customer satisfaction. Reliability comes down to the quality of our products again. You can trust that Flettner will offer the best of the best with over 85 years expertise within the industry. You can rely on us every time.”


Those worried about the environment will be happy to hear about Flettner’s incorporation of eco-friendly packaging changes. The business has decided to introduce new product boxes consisting of 75% recycled corrugated carton. The instructions for the product are printed on the sleeves for these boxes, thus creating less waste compared to those printed in a separate booklet.

Flettner Ventilator | Feature

Shown: Slimline LPV

A wind-powered rooftop ventilator creates a safer interior driving environment as it extracts harmful toxins and gases. By using wind-power there is no extra strain on the vehicles battery which electrical ventilators always cause. Too much strain on the vehicles battery is one of the main problems that fleet manager’s face as their vehicles also stop-start many times during the course of the day. Flettner vents tackle this issue in a cost-effective way.

“Our ventilators are wind-powered which means they are green and do not require any electricity to run. Our products do not need to be replaced as they have a longevity which in turn is better for the environment.” Pascal continued, “We realize that we use plastic as the raw material for our products, however, this is recyclable and lasts a lifetime. Flettner vents are also very silent and provide no sound pollution, therefore our vents cater to the animal transportation market as well as commercial vehicles.”

New Product Launch

Flettner Ventilator | Feature

Shown: Universal Adapter

Flettner has added some new products to their already extensive range, introducing a Low Profile Ventilator (LPV), Floor Vent and Universal Adapter. The LPV is described as being the ‘ultimate combination between the lowest rooftop ventilator in the world and first-class performance’, with a proven track-record and a sleek, slim-line design produced by a team of highly-skilled engineers using the injection moulding process.

This product was introduced after Flettner saw an increased demand for a vent to be sold in combination with roof racks.
“Flettner vents will fit any roof from this year on” Pascal explained. “We’re the first company to do this at such a low-level.”

Alongside the LPV is the Floor Vent, which extracts low-hanging gases such as benzene and argon. Designed to be used in conjunction with the Rooftop Ventilator, more draft is created through the cabin of the vehicle, resulting in increased safety and performance.

“Harmful gases such as benzene can be deadly and is a natural part of crude oil and gasoline. These gases can hang very low within vehicles so it is vital that there is ventilation, this is where our floor vent comes in.” Pascal said. “Flettner are constantly looking at how to support legislation in different countries by creating bespoke solutions, such as the Floor Vent.”

“Flettner have a number of customers coming to us disappointed with the quality of competitor vents and convert back to Flettners.” Pascal commented. “This is due to sound issues, breaking and discoloring of competitor vents.”

The Universal Adapter is used to bridge the inner lining of the vehicle and the space between the shutter and the rooftop. This keeps the performance of the vent alive when the inner lining is thicker than 10mm.


Easy to Install

As with all of Flettner’s products, installation is quick and easy, described as being a ‘one man job’.

“A template is provided on the new sleeves surrounding the corrugated cardboard boxes, which is used to create the hole in the roof of the vehicle. This can be made with common tools.” Pascal said of the installation process. “The product is already pre-assembled when you take it out of the box, you then put a waterproof sealant on the gasket and fit to the roof of the vehicle with 4 bolts. In theory anyone can fit a Flettner themselves, however, we advise based on the individual’s technical skills to visit a professional converter.”

Pascal describes Flettner products as “the ultimate cocktail of culture, creativity and commerce. This is what we define as excellent business,” with future plans to develop outside of the UK as demand grows.

For more information on the company’s range of products, visit the website: