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Volkswagen Announces Van Safety Partnership, Driving for Better Business

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Volkswagen Announces Van Safety Partnership, Driving for Better BusinessVolkswagen is setting out to showcase the capabilities and importance of the safety features offered by its LCV range as part of its involvement with the Driving for Better Business scheme.

Also known as DBB, the project is operated by Highways England and various campaign groups, focusing on the need to raise awareness about commercial vehicle safety and the technologies that are coming into play at the moment.

Spokesperson Simon Turner said that Volkswagen was paving the way for wider involvement from other manufacturers by affirming its commitment to the cause. He also praised the fact that autonomous emergency braking capabilities have been a standard feature of all VW vans sold since June this year.

Of course, it is not enough to simply add AEB to vans and expect this to be a selling point in its own right. VW is setting out to showcase just how effective the system is at a number of events run in conjunction with DBB organisers and partners.

There have already been demonstrations of the autonomous braking technology at a pair of recent meetings, with two more scheduled to take place next March.

The idea is to provide fleet managers with first-hand experiences in which autonomous braking has been deployed effectively. This is not just about improving safety but also reducing costs and maintaining the reputation of businesses that are concerned about the issues surrounding van use in the UK.

From the compact Caddy to the iconic Transporter and the all-new Crafter panel van, there is much more to the included autonomous emergency braking than simple impact-avoidance at slow speeds in an urban environment.