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Camper adaption revealed for new Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup

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While the Mercedes-Benz X-Class has only been on the market for a few weeks, Mercedes-Benz has already chosen to broaden the appeal of its fledgling pickup truck range by announcing the introduction of a concept unit that will effectively convert this LCV into a camper van.

The X-Class could soon take on conversions of the VW Transporter and other vans by offering an attachment which sits in the load bed of the truck and creates space to sleep, eat and live during overnight stops.

The camper unit is well equipped, featuring a toilet and shower area, a kitchen set-up with gas hobs for cooking, a seated compartment for relaxing in the evening and enough room for a bed in a nook that overhangs the cab at the front and provides a healthy two metres of headroom for snoozing occupants.

The unit was revealed during the CMT show in Germany and demonstrates the versatility and strength of the X-Class, which is not just targeted at business users but also aims to secure a significant slice of the lifestyle marketplace in 2018.

All of this extra kit weighs in at 250 kilos, meaning it can sit comfortably within the load capacity of the truck and still leave room for luggage and other accessories that users may want to add.

The camper conversion unit is not the only body add-on to make its debut at the event, as Mercedes-Benz also highlighted other products developed for the X-Class by third-party firms, including smaller kits that add cooking and washing facilities to the load bed.