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Renault Trucks sets sights on Dakar Rally Success

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This year’s Dakar Rally once again features teams from around the world competing in a variety of different vehicle categories and attempting to complete an especially grueling course across South America in order to claim victory.

Renault Trucks is just one of the manufacturers which has been represented, proving that its vehicles are tougher and more reliable than most of its rivals.

The trucks representing Renault over the course of the rally are K520 models which have been significantly altered by engi-neers at MKR in order to make them rugged and powerful enough to be in with a chance of winning the competition.

The K Series is built for the construction market, with all-wheel drive available as an option and Euro 6 compliance assured by the modern engines. The rally-going iterations have been tuned to boast an output of just over 900 horsepower, while the torque rating sits at 4200Nm.

Since this rally takes on a wide range of surface types, from dirt tracks to sand dunes, the ability to perform appropriately in off-road environments is vital. And interestingly, the Renault Trucks models which participated this year were kitted out with an automatic transmission rather than leaving the drivers to worry about manual shifting from moment to moment.

In place of the usual rear body, the trucks were adapted to accommodate more fuel capacity and also house the useful equipment that is required when heading into the wilderness at high speeds, where anything could go wrong.