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TruckEast donates Scania R480 to local college

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TruckEast have invested in their apprentices by donating a Scania R480 to Northampton College.

The drive behind the donation is to open new doors for existing students and encourage more interest in HGV apprenticeships.

Regional Aftersales Director, Graham Broughton said: “Getting the younger generation interested in our industry today is a challenge across all business areas, so we believe opportunities like this are crucial to attracting new talent.

“We are proud to present the college and students with a modern-day vehicle to advance their skills and see this donation as an investment into not only the future of the college but of our own business as well. With the addition of this truck, Northampton College will continue to develop apprentices and therefore increase the number of qualified technicians within the region.”

Donated to the Motor Vehicle and Logistics Academy, the Scania R-Cab will become part of the core equipment used within the IMI Level 2 and 3 motor vehicle maintenance and repair apprenticeship. The truck will be used every week as a training vehicle in various formats including diagnostics and general routine maintenance.