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Volvo Trucks introduces new battery system for FH and FM ranges

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Volvo Trucks introduces new battery system for FH and FM rangesVolvo Trucks is introducing a new battery system for its FH and FM ranges which provides sufficient power for all in-cab functions while also promising to reduce the risk of standstill due to discharged batteries.

The new battery system has two separate battery sets – one for starting the engine, and the other for all other in-cab electrical equipment. The starter battery’s only function is to crank the engine and is not affected by power consumption in the rest of the truck.

All other functions such as the parking heater, parking cooler, refrigerator, media system and personal equipment including laptops, mobile phones and tablets are powered by separate gel batteries.

“Drivers can enjoy improved comfort and living conditions, knowing that they have enough power for their needs, with minimal risk of draining all the power from the starter batteries,” says Samuel Nerdal, Product Manager Electrical and Electronics at Volvo Trucks.

The new gel batteries offer a onger service lifetime than conventional lead-acid batteries, as well as more charging cycles – they will last at least 10-15 times longer during tough cycles.

“Our battery system not only meets today’s high demands for a secure electricity supply, it also contributes to increased vehicle uptime and lower operating costs. This is a solution that will benefit many customers,” concludes Samuel Nerdal.