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Guest Truck and Van welcome new Municipal Vehicles Sales Manager

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Guest Truck and Van welcome new Municipal Vehicles Sales ManagerGuest Truck and Van – the largest IVECO and Fiat Professional vehicle dealer in the UK – has appointed a new Municipal, Specialist Vehicle & Emergency Services Sales Manager.

Shaun Taylor brings more than 28 years of truck sales experience to the job. Guest Truck and Van works closely with a variety of commercial customers as well as local authorities across the UK, providing municipal, specialist and emergency services vehicles.

Shaun said: “We offer such a broad range of products, it’s really important for us to understand the customer’s needs. For example, different local authorities require different vehicles. Cities like Birmingham have to think about low emission zones whereas councils outside of cities don’t have to worry about that yet.”

IVECO offers a full range of ultra low emission vehicles suitable for any purpose but specifically municipal and emergency service use in city centres, where low emission zones are planned.

“Smaller gas-powered vehicles under 18 tonnes tend to be the most suitable for municipal vehicles where low emissions are required, especially if they’re being used a night, as they are much quieter,” explained Shaun.