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Mertruck supply Total Hire & Sales with new Mercedes-Benz Arocs

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Mertruck supply Total Hire & Sales with new Mercedes-Benz ArocsMertruck Truck & Van have provided Total Hire & Sales with a brand new Arocs 3440, complete with a platform body with folding ‘cheese wedge’ ramps – a combination favoured by many in the plant industry for transporting wheeled and tracked machinery, built by Shawtrack Services.

Positioned immediately behind the truck’s ClassicSpace M-cab, a 50 tonne-metre HMF EVS 5020-K6 crane is used to lift and place portable office buildings weighing anything up to eight tonnes, as well as access equipment. Recommended by Shawtrack, it is capable of lifting 9,270 kg at a distance of 4.7 metres, and 2,150 kg when fully extended at 16.7 metres.

The Arocs was specified with a single drive axle, saving of approximately 600 kg in weight. This translates into a useful increase in payload capacity, and improved fuel economy from the advanced 290 kW (394 hp) straight-six engine.

As the back axle is not driven Mertrux could order the chassis with a rear-steer set-up, which significantly enhances manoeuvrability in tight spots. This axle can also be lifted when the truck is running light, reducing tyre wear.

Its new flagship has replaced an ageing eight-wheeler by another manufacturer. It is the subject of a contract hire agreement with Pentagon Vehicle Rentals, a ‘sister’ company to Mertrux, and is now working alongside a 26-tonne Arocs with beavertail plant body.

“We commissioned that vehicle in 2015 and it has performed flawlessly,” confirmed Total Hire & Sales Operations Director Andy Hickingbottom. “Given this very positive experience, and our desire to present a consistent, high-quality image, we decided to also base the bigger truck on a Mercedes-Benz chassis.”

Andy and his colleagues held a series of meetings with Mertrux Truck Sales Executive Mark Sheppard and representatives of Shawtrack Services.

“We put in a lot of hard work and went through every aspect of the vehicle’s design in fine detail,” he recalled. “It was time well spent, though, because we’re now running a truck which, as well as ticking every box in terms of its capability, also looks fantastic. In fact, it’s the perfect tool for its different jobs.”

As well as complimenting the trucks themselves, Andy also credited Mertruck Truck & Van in their work ethic and support for the decision.

“The Dealer’s customer-focused after sales support was also key to our decision to invest in another Mercedes-Benz,” explained Andy.