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Next Generation Scania delivers for Chiltern Cold Storage

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Chiltern Cold Storage have added a Next Generation Scania to their 46 strong fleet, provided by TruckEast Limited, who the company has credited for their approach. Next Generation Scania delivers for Chiltern Cold Storage

Specialising in custom transport solutions for ambient, frozen and chilled distribution, Chiltern Cold Storage are heavily reliant on fleet up-time to deliver under time restraints.

The latest trucks consist of two Scania R450 A 6×2/2 Highlines with white and blue livery. The two next generation trucks are the first to enter the Chiltern’s fleet – soon to be followed by a further three later this year.

Complete with a 2-pedal fully auto-shifted gearbox, the new 44-tonners are powered by a 13-litre engine delivering 450hp with optimal efficiency thanks to the new fuel injector on the next generation models.

Each pulling a brand new Gray & Adams 13.6 multi-temp fridge trailer, the R450’s will operate nationally throughout the UK.

Managing Director, Paul Jackson explains: “fuel returns so far are impressive, but that’s just one element. For me it’s got to be about the whole life cost – the quality of the product, its reliability and the dealer back up we get are just as important.”

On a three-year R & M, the next generation trucks will be maintained by TruckEast Peterborough, local to Chilterns head office and responsible for looking after their other Scanias.

“The general approach and response time of the team at TruckEast has always been excellent. We use our local branch for everything when it comes to the maintenance and they really do look after us,” Paul continued. “We have never had an issue on reliability with our Scanias. The network as a whole work hard to minimise downtime for their customers. Any breakdowns we have experienced are met with efficiency and a supportive response to get my drivers back on the road.”

Last year Chilterns took delivery of thirteen current generation models and are firm advocates that it was already a great product.