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The Boss’s CV – Gareth Kaye | Feature

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In our regular look at the Boss’s credentials, we cast our beady eye over the CV of Gareth Kaye, Group Van Franchise Director for Imperial UK…

NAME: Gareth Kaye

COMPANY: Imperial UK

JOB: Group Van Franchise Director

AGE: 46

What was your first ever job?

Trainee quantity surveyor – hated every minute!

How did you get into the commercial vehicle business?

I was in car sales and had a young family so wanted weekends off, vans seemed the obvious move.

What does your job entail?

Working with all our LCV manufacturer partners to provide first class service to all of our retail and fleet customers.

How will your job change over the next two years?

As the group grows and expands it will be to help tie up synergies to give our customers the best choice and support. The market is moving and the move towards mobility provision and electric vehicles will need to be considered and accommodated in our operations.

What other jobs have you done?

I am a motor trade lifer (just about!) and have always had a sales bias so have done most roles from trainee through to today.

What advice would you give to young people joining the industry?

Embrace the opportunities. In commercials especially you need strong indepth knowledge of products, legislations, operations and the ability to engage on all levels. The professionalization of the whole motor trade means we need to think differently about who we recruit and how we reward them.

How do you relax?

I’ve been a Huddersfield Town season ticket holder for 20+ years, so I’m enjoying visiting some different places with our newly established lofty position. After years of places like Rochdale, Tranmere and Scunthorpe, I think the 5000 or so hardcore fans deserve it!

Favourite holiday destination?

Nashville. A vibrant, exciting city with a real Southern charm and pace.

Favourite film?

Bourne Trilogies.

Favourite music?

Very eclectic – my daughter despairs at how music in the car switches from Billy Ocean to Foo Fighters to Stormzy and then to Dolly Parton.

First car and cost?

Lada Riva. I paid £60 for it, ran it for six months and then I got £50 scrap!

Dream car?

Loaded Range Rover.