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In the Headlights – Damir Zubairi

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This month’s party animal is 21-year-old Damir Zubairi of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Is he already the leader of the pack or just a young cub? You decide…

What is your current job position?
Service Technician at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles’ Citygate Colindale Van Centre, London

Bit of a mouthful then! What is the strangest or most challenging job you’ve ever done?
I once had to rebuild an entire engine due to water damage. It took me a few days – but it felt like forever. Great sense of achievement at the end though!

Sounds like you were simply drowning in work. What would be your dream job?
I’m looking forward to progressing to Master Technician but ultimately I would love to have my own garage which specialises in tuning Volkswagens.

Seems like you’re heading in the right direction. If you had your time again, would you have followed the same career path?
All the way! I wouldn’t change anything about my career choice.

Hmmm, that’s what they all say – looking for a promotion? If you had been reincarnated, who or what do you think you think you were in a past life?
I was probably an animal that likes to take the lead – like a lion.

Not sure you’re the leader of the pack yet! And what do you think you deserve to be in the next?
A lion!

Going back to your roots then, eh? Best corporate jolly or incentive?
One part of my reward for becoming Apprentice of the Year was a trip to Center Parcs. We did quad biking and archery as part of the package and it was a lot of fun.

Archery? You could be the male Katniss Everdeen. What are your passions outside the workplace?
Cars, partying, a bit of football… and more cars!

Well it’s a good thing you work with vans then… If they made a movie about your life, who would play you?
Will Smith.

You could be twins…Who would be your dream date?


Quickfire Round

Dog or Cat? Dog

Beer or Wine? Neither

Football or Rugby? Football

Ant or Dec? Ant

Magnificent 7 or Pulp Fiction? Magnificent 7

Night Club or Restaurant? Restaurant