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Vehicle Lifts and Pits | Workshop Feature

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For any workshop, vehicle lifts and pits will be essential for carrying out work underneath a vehicle. But both lifts and pits are potential hazards, so making sure you’ve had them fitted correctly and by a reputable company is vital.

It’s the Pits

Gemco pit

Gemco will design, manufacture, deliver and install a pit in your workshop.

If you’re looking for a pit, you may want to consider workshop equipment provider Gemco. They design and manufacture pre-fabricated steel pits for both workshop service and test lane (DVSA ATF specification) applications.

“The manufacturing process is carried out at our Mansfield manufacturing plant, and each pit undergoes stringent quality checks and is certified before delivery,” said a Gemco spokesperson. “Because we are a manufacturer, we have the ability to be flexible and to produce a pit to your exact specifications and requirements. In addition, we can incorporate installation frames for our ATF test equipment (brake testers and shaker plates/play detectors) at the factory, which means the installation of your pit is perfect.

“Our design team have the knowledge and tools to design a solution which is fit for purpose.”

Load bearing calculations and site conditions are always taken into account, says Gemco, ensuring that the product supplied has been made to exacting standards.

All pits are fitted with low voltage, long-life (10 year guarantee) LED lighting kits and jacking beam rails as standard.

“We offer a complete, comprehensive service which means that we design, manufacture, deliver and install,” said the company. “Furthermore, with our own team of civil engineers we can also carry out the necessary civil works on-site ready for the delivery of your new pit. Of course, where you are using your own contractor, full technical civil layouts and drawings are
supplied at no extra cost.

“Once your pit is in the ground, we are able to offer a range of superior floor finishing services such as tiling and floor painting with painted hazard/compulsory floor markings.”

Already got a working pit? Gemco can help here too, as they also offer a sliding pit cover safety system which is suitable for all types of pits. If no additional building work is needed, installation takes less than a day.

“After a site survey we would advise whether the safety cover could be fitted quickly and easily, and if it is possible to install without additional ground works,” said Gemco.

As well as maximising workshop floor space, the system is designed to reduce the risk of accidents and falls, and can be custom-made for new and existing installations.

The pit covers are available as either manual or pneumatic (air) operated. Features of the cover system include load bearing staves (1,500kg/m2 certified) produced with extruded aluminium – which is anodised for quality and durability – and steel mesh chains and bearings to operate the movement of the cover system.

The system is available as one single piece or as a tandem installation. On the air-operated model electricity is not used, making it suitable for petroleum regulation (pet reg) workshops, and functions are carried out on the control box. Separate pit bridges are also available.

Take the Lift

TotalKare’s cable-free mobile column lifts have helped improved productivity, efficiency and standards, says Clarks Vehicle Conversions

TotalKare’s cable-free mobile column lifts have helped improve productivity, efficiency and standards, says Clarks Vehicle Conversions.

Sometimes working with a vehicle lift is the preferred option. TotalKare have been supplying heavy duty vehicle lifts in the UK for over 30 years, and offer both lifting solutions and aftersales care.

Their T8DC range of hydraulic cable free mobile column lifts are an ideal solution for workshops that need more flexibility and manoeuvrability within their workplace. With no cables the lifts can be easily moved around the space as and when required, and only need to be charged from a 240V wall socket. By having no cables, this lift also reduces the risk of slips, trips and falls, meaning the safety of your workforce is guaranteed.

The T8DC range has a capacity of 7,500kg per column, and can lift anything from a bus to a recycling vehicle. Alongside this, there are adjustable forks so that vehicles with smaller wheels can be lifted, and up to eight column configurations can be created, providing complete flexibility.

Clarks Vehicle Conversions recently had some cable free mobile column hydraulic lifts from TotalKare’s T8DC range installed, investing £30,000 in this new equipment.

Clarks was founded over 30 years ago, and its conversions include crew carriers, bespoke racking systems and welfare units, amongst other things. The company took the decision to invest in TotalKare’s T8DC range of lifts in order to improve the quality standards, efficiency and time spent working on each vehicle – they can be working on up to 40 vehicles at a time within their workshop.

Simon Welbourn, Head of Sales at Clarks Vehicle Conversions, said: “Due to the bespoke nature of the work we carry out we operate out of bays rather than a production line.

“Using mobile column lifts, especially the cable-free option we opted for, allows us to move the lifts around the bays when they are required rather than having to move vehicles to a fixed position lift.”