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In the Headlights – Emma Trebble

Emma Trebble

Emma Trebble

This month’s mad hatter spraying all kinds of scents in our rose garden is Emma Trebble, Director of Human Resources at Trucksmith. Is she a speed fiend or a shoe fiend? You decide…

What is your current job position?
I’m the Director of Human Resources at Trucksmith.

Never had one of you before! What is the strangest or most challenging job you’ve ever done?
When I was 15, my stepfather Tom negotiated a holiday job for me at his golf club. I drove the automatic ball collecting machine around the driving range. He and his friends used to take pot shots at me and my boss would shout at me for swearing at them when the balls ricocheted off the protective cage I was sat in. The cage wasn’t actually terribly protective and occasionally a ball would get through. Happy times!

FORE! What would be your dream job?
A perfumer. I absolutely adore scent. I have spent many a happy hour in Jo Malone…

I thought you smelt rather nice! If you could invite any four people to a dinner party, living or dead, who would they be – and why?
Jenna Marbles (YouTuber) because she’s absolutely hilarious and might bring her Italian Greyhound. Tom Hardy (actor) because he’s devilishly handsome and a little bit scary. Sandi Toksvig (comedian, writer and activist) because she has a brilliant mind and tells anecdotes in the wittiest of ways. Also she’s Danish and I secretly (well not now) want to be Danish. Copenhagen (the Duke of Wellington’s war horse) because he was beautiful and brave, and he could give us rides around the garden.

Sounds like a race-y affair, what with a greyhound and a horse! What is your most irritating habit?
Not admitting that I’m irritating!

Well you are, so there! Best corporate jolly or incentive?
Driving Ferraris and Maseratis for the day. Best. Fun. Ever!

Better than a golf ball collecting machine! What are your passions outside the workplace?
Watching my children compete at horse shows. Cooking. Formula One. Christian Louboutin shoes. Collecting British Vogue.

Louboutins at a horse show? I don’t think so! Describe yourself in five words.
Never knowingly shy or retiring!


Quickfire Round

Dog or Cat? Dog every time
Beer or Wine? Champs
Football or Rugby? Rugby
Ant or Dec? I’m fairly sure that’s one person, Antanddec!
Magnificent 7 or Pulp Fiction? Pulp Fiction. “Mrs Mia Wallace” – absolute classic!
Night Club or Restaurant? Annabel’s – which is basically the best of both worlds.