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Fiat Professional’s Retail Growth | Feature

We caught up with Richard Chamberlain, newly appointed Country Manager for Fiat Professional, at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show.

richard chamberlain

Richard Chamberlain

Richard’s rise through the ranks at Fiat has been somewhat meteoric having joined the company from Renault Trucks back in November 2016 as Head of Sales for Fiat Professional.

The company’s shake up in April saw Chamberlain get the top UK job with a backdrop of a record-breaking first quarter for the company.

Retail Power

Much of Fiat’s sales increase has been put down to an improved performance in retail.

This time last year, Fiat Professional decided to take on the retail sector of the light commercial vehicle market, and put together a ‘savings’ message in their sales promotion to drive people into their dealerships.

With 2017 being the first full year with Fiat’s full new product offering sales should be up, but Chamberlain is focused on going for more growth. At the end of April, Fiat were 31% up on their 2016 performance and set to steal ninth place in the market share table from Mitsubishi.

More product development is also on the horizon, this time in the shape of a converter programme which will arrive towards the end of this year. A 15-seater minibus, lutons and tipper will form the mainstay of the range. With the company’s experience in the motorhome conversion market it is likely that they will make light of the introduction of the new ranges.

The Dealers

Fiat Professional have a mixture of truck dealers to service the fleet side of the business, with their longer opening hours, B2B experience and showroom environments for the retail end of the market.

Whilst there are no immediate plans for a branded scheme for increasing dealer standards, Chamberlain has spent a long time working in dealerships and is keen to simplify the way in which Fiat Professional transacts with dealers.

With a range that spans from the new Fullback, to the tiny Fiorino to the 4.2-tonne Ducato and everything in-between, Fiat Professional certainly has a wide offering for dealers, companies and the general public alike.