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Save Your Pennies, Save the Planet | CV Dealer Workshop Feature

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Anyone running a commercial vehicle business or workshop may find incorporating some more environmentally friendly practices not only helps save the planet but could help you save some money too.

For many checking to see if something can be recycled rather than thrown away has become a habit, and it’s something that commercial vehicle dealers, workshops and businesses can do to.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Wood Waste Technology offers an innovative solution to your waste management problems.

Founded by Kurt Cockroft and Michael Evans in 2002, the pair set up the business to help others utilise their wood waste to create heat energy; this not only reduces or eliminates waste disposal charges but gives you free heating, a benefit discovered by Comm-ply Yorkshire Ltd, a well-established family business that specialises in vehicle conversions, who purchased a wood waste heater from the company.

Comm-ply was spending around £180 a week on skip hire to dispose of the waste wood generated from production, and realised it could generate free heating for the factory building by burning the wood waste instead of disposing of it, plus save money on waste disposal. MD at Comm-ply, Stephen Whitaker, said: “We were really impressed with the quality and range of heaters manufactured by Wood Waste Technology at its headquarters in Staffordshire, and that every heater ever sold is still in operation today. The team provided great service, and the wood waste heater is fantastic as it’s significantly reduced our skip bill and heats the factory at no cost keeping the employees warm – it’s win-win for the business and the staff. It’s exactly what we needed. We
now just wish we’d bought one sooner!”

Wood Waste Technology offer a range of wood waste heaters and boilers which come in a variety of sizes, from small hand-fired units to larger fully-automatic systems, so you can choose the product that best suits your needs.

Wood Waste Technology is also the official UK-distributor for Gross Apparatebau GmbH, a German manufacturer of dependable, precisionengineered shredders and briquetters.

Shredding and briquetting involves cutting the wood down to a smaller, easier to manage size; by reducing the size of the wood, you can store it more easily and save it for use later (useful for keeping the wood waste produced in the summer when you don’t need heating), or you could even use it as another source of income by bagging it up and selling it, for which Wood Waste Technology also offer an automated briquette bagging system. These also come in a variety of sizes and with different specifications so you can pick the model that best suits your
business. Wood Waste Technology offers site-survey and design, as well as manufacturing, installation and on-going maintenance support for their systems. Additionally, they have a spares department carrying parts for all their heaters, as well as some competitor models.

Old vs New

TruckEast also run a service where they will recondition existing parts in your gearbox or engine; collecting it, refurbishing it and refitting it. Doing so is more sustainable and will save you money, TruckEast contends.

Recycled parts offer a great way to be environmentally friendly and could help you financially too.

“As a cost effective and reliable alternative to sourcing new parts, recycled parts from TruckEast come packaged with benefits, including savings of up to 80%, premium quality thanks to the stringent preparation process, and delivery nationwide,” explains Jessica Webb, Marketing Manager for TruckEast. Every part is cleaned and quality checked at their Recycled Parts Centre in Stowmarket before being reused again.

TruckEast offer a wide range of parts, including engines, gearboxes, axles, cabs, chassis parts and cab parts, Jessica tells us.

“Another service many customers take advantage of is the reconditioning of their existing engines and gearboxes; an option to save money whilst playing a part in a sustainable transport solution,” she concludes.