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To ensure workshops can complete their jobs they need an array of tools and equipment. We take a look at some of the products on offer…

Portable Devices from Bowmonk

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck

For over 50 years Bowmonk have been manufacturing portable brake testing equipment. One such device is their DVSA approved Bowmonk BrakeCheck. It has a dual axis decelerometer which, as well as recording overall efficiency, will note the percentage of braking imbalance. This not always due to irregular braking effort, other causes could be an under-inflated tyre, uneven suspension or a binding brake, all of which would not be detected with a mechanical unit.

As well as the BrakeCheck, Bowmonk offer an ABS Sensor Tester, the SensorCheck, which provides a quick and thorough diagnosis of the sensor, sensor lead and exciter ring without having to remove the road wheel.

The Bowmonk SensorCheck

The Bowmonk SensorCheck

Compatible with trucks, trailers and buses, SensorCheck will test for the six main causes of EBS/ABS faults, and can complete a single test cycle in just 15 seconds.

A must for any workshop environment where it is necessary to have engines running in the service bay would be exhaust filtration which removes the risk of contaminating the atmosphere. Bowmonk are able to provide an inexpensive solution in the shape of a portable unit which is fastened to the vehicle’s tail pipe. They are available in different sizes and capacities to accommodate the various vehicle types.

Auto Workshop Equipment

Exhaust filter Image

Bowmonk offers a portable exhaust filtration system, which comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate different vehicles.

Auto Workshop Equipment offers a wide range of commercial garage equipment, and distribute products for many European manufacturers, including Ravaglioli, Stertil Koni, Crypton, VTEQ and Majorlift, supplying everything from a spanner to 50 Tonne Commercial Vehicle Lifts.

Their commercial product range includes: Commercial Vehicle Lifts, Column Lifts, ATF Test Lanes, Commercial Brake Testers, Jacking Equipment, Commercial Tyre Changers, Commercial Wheel Aligners, Crypton Gas and Smoke Analysers, Commercial Accessories, Commercial Workshop Equipment, Commercial Axel Stands and Commercial Wheel Balancers.

Over the last 15 years, Auto Workshop Equipment have developed and marketed a range of Commercial Brake Testers, all of which are full ATF DVSA approved. They also offer comprehensive Brake Tester services, comprising onsite planning, installation, and full after sales care including calibration, maintenance contracts and software support.

All products supplied are installed, calibrated and maintained by their team of manufacturer trained, GEA Accredited engineers.

Wrenches from Chicago Pneumatic

CP7732C Ultra- Lightweight ½” Impact Wrench

CP7732C Ultra- Lightweight ½” Impact Wrench

The CP7732C Ultra- Lightweight ½” Impact Wrench is a high quality compact tool that delivers maximum customer value with an unbeatable power-to-weight ratio. The wrench is 30% lighter than its predecessor, and has been designed in response to customer demand for smaller, lighter tools, that are easier to handle, enabling commercial vehicle mechanics to work with ease in difficult-to-access areas and get the job done fast and efficiently.

The tool is ergonomic and has been designed for maximum user comfort with a composite housing and thermo-plastic rubber handle. The ergonomic curved handle reduces tension in the mechanic’s hand and helps reduce chances of an injury. In addition, because it is lighter than alternative tools, operators experience less fatigue. Furthermore, a full teasing trigger gives the operator easy, controlled operation.

CP7727/37 Angle Impact Wrench

CP7727/37 Angle Impact Wrench

Also available is the compact CP7727/37 Angle Impact Wrench, which is a powerful tool, capable of providing users with (300Nm) of maximum torque in reverse. The impact wrench is designed with a direct drive system and a jumbo hammer mechanism with steel motor to provide the operator with a durable and efficient tool, enabling mechanics and vehicle service professionals to increase their uptime and productivity.

The advanced ergonomics of the CP7727/37’s handle means it easily fits into the user’s hand and provides them with the comfort they need during jobs. The unique positioning of the motor combined with a jumbo hammer and direct drive mechanism also means the new angle impact wrench is better balanced, robust and more efficient on the job.

Chicago Pneumatic created the Tool to break away from the conventional design of Angle Impact Wrenches and provide an overall better performing tool.