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CV Dealer Workshop Feature | What’s the Diagnosis?

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In a world where we’re becoming ever more reliant on technology, our need to be able to identify and fix problems is greater than ever before. For those in the commercial vehicle business, knowing that there is a range of reliable diagnostic equipment to keep their customers’ vehicles on the road is essential.

It is vital that that workshops not only have access to diagnostic equipment, but have people capable of using it correctly and effectively.

The Products on Offer

Take the range from Eclipse Automotive Technology which covers multiple brands as well as multiple vehicle types, including trucks, trailers, buses and coaches.

Eclipse’s package, includes the Testpad Extreme Tablet and Jaltest diagnostic software, which works together to help identify problems.

The company also offers a training programme, and have a group of industry trained support technicians who can assist customers with any issue they might come across.

Take a Tablet

The Testpad Extreme from Eclipse

The Testpad Extreme from Eclipse

Eclipse’s Testpad Extreme Tablet is equally at home when being used on the roadside and in a workshop. Testpad Extreme offers 10 hours of battery life, and has Bluetooth and wi-fi capabilities, and a daylight readable widescreen touch screen which is both water and dust resistant. There is also a docking station available for workstation use.

Meanwhile, the Jaltest software can be used on all major CV brands and models, and covers trucks, trailers, light commercial vehicles, cranes and special vehicles, and coaches and buses.

The software itself is updated with new vehicles, brands and technical information throughout the year to ensure it is correct. It provides you with information on cables and connections, and is easy to follow.

TEXA UK Ltd also designs, develops and produces a range of diagnostics tools which can be used across several brands, and distributes them worldwide.

Their Navigator TXT can be plugged into the vehicle’s diagnostic socket, and then connects via Bluetooth or PC to the portable Axone 4 display unit, or the Multi Pegaso – a work station ideal for use in workshops – which also has a colour printer.

TEXA’s Navigator TXT Diagnostic Interface

TEXA’s Navigator TXT Diagnostic Interface

Axone 4 Display from TEXA

Axone 4 Display from TEXA


Alongside having the right products, you need the right knowledge to work and interpret them.

Eclipse continues to offer support and after-sales care to its customers. They run in-house training courses during the year at both beginner and advanced levels, and can also create bespoke programmes if desired. And if you still need additional assistance, Eclipse’s Technical Support Team – all of which are trained and qualified – will be able to guide you through any other problems, be it with the software or the equipment.

Meanwhile, TEXA runs training programmed TEXAEDU, which has been attended by over 475 workshops.

In addition, the Axone 4 has a “Remote Assistance” function which allows TEXA personnel to establish a remote connection to the tool and see exactly what is happening with the vehicle.