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Keytracker has been providing key and asset management solutions worldwide for more than 20 years.

Keytracker products manage, track and control valuable keys, tools and equipment.

Every industry needs an efficient and secure setup for protecting its assets. Without this protection, the company’s efficiency suffers as employee’s waste time due to lost or misplaced keys or equipment.

Keytracker products solve this problem and provide 24/7 protection to property and facilities managers, retailers, manufacturers, educational establishments, government departments, airports, emergency services, motor dealers, and fleet operators to mention just a few.

With a Keytracker system, opportunistic thefts are eliminated, no time is lost looking for keys, and you always know exactly where your equipment is.

Protection of an organisation’s assets, tools and equipment is essential. A security solution begins with key management.

Mechanical solutions Mechanical

The Keytracker mechanical system is a simple peg-in peg-out method for managing keys. Authorised users have personalised ‘access pegs’ which guarantees that when a set of keys is removed from the system, you will be able to identify the person who removed them at a glance.

The Keytracker mechanical system can do more than managing keys, for instance, a single T1 unit can provide the same simple management system for tools and equipment.

With the peg-in peg-out system, the Mechanical Locktracker securely stores all numbered locks and keys together in their correct position. The number of the lock in use will also show exactly who is working on that machine, providing peace of mind that a locked-out machine cannot be made operational by human error. In addition, with the electronic lock tracker, the automatic recording of the service and maintenance history of machines and equipment can improve efficiency, schedule routine checks and reduce the risk of failure.

ElectronicElectronic Solutions

The Keytracker electronic system keeps all keys secure and accessible with intelligent key cabinets. Intelligent key cabinets can also allow authorised users fast access to designated keys, for example – keys to an HGV would only be available to those with the relevant licence and insurance.

Intelligent cabinets automatically record all key transactions through powerful, easy to use software that provides automated email reports and alerts that monitor, control and track every key movement. Customers can manage multiple systems at various locations through a single user interface. The system is flexible and if requirements change, it is an uncomplicated matter of adding additional cabinets or modifying access to existing cabinets.

Each Keytracker intelligent key cabinet has various access options, beginning with the pin number which is standard. Add-ons include swipe cards, fingerprint readers, breathalyser units, and cameras – adding some major health and safety benefits to the key control system.

LockersLockers solutions

With Keytracker lockers managing tools and valuable equipment is easy. Completely modular, the systems are built to customer requirements and allow organisations from sectors including security, manufacturing, automotive and education to track, manage and dispense valuable equipment such as hand-held PDA’s, laptops and tools to approved users.

Software Solutions

The Key Control Software (KCS) developed by Keytracker is an easy to use system of recording keys to provide an audit trail. The software can be used on any PC, tablet or smart phone and is accessible anywhere in the world with via the internet.

For more about how Keytracker’s key and equipment management solutions can benefit your organisation, contact the company here.

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