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laser tools wheel pinsWith modern car, 4 X 4 and light commercial wheels becoming larger and more unwieldy, these wheel hanger pins (part number 6483) simplify the wheel installation process by holding the rim centred on the hub as you hand screw in the wheel bolts. Just screw the wheel hanger pin into the top bolt hole at the 12 o’clock position, and slide your wheel over the pin and onto the hub. You’ll get perfect rim to hub alignment every time, making the job faster, easier and safer.

The unwieldy and heavy wheel will not tip forward and can be held in place with one hand, staying in position, with the weight being supported by the wheel hanger pin. Ideal when fitting wheel spacers, it aligns the bolt holes, spacer and wheel together.

Particularly useful when replacing the brake discs — the wheel hanger pin ensures that the holes in the new disc are perfectly aligned with the holes in the wheel hub.

Useful in any workshop and available now from your local Laser Tools supplier, typically priced at £59.14 (including VAT), but remember to check for the best prices and special offers.


Yuasa adds CV number plate search to battery lookup system

Yuasa_Smart_Button_Online_Lookup_Commercial_VehiclesYuasa, the world’s leading battery manufacturer and number one choice for quality, reliability and performance, has become the first battery brand to offer registration lookup for commercial vehicles.

The new function is available on Yuasa’s USB Smart Button and Online Battery Lookup system for the trade, and also their new consumer website All vehicles can also be found by VIN/Chassis number or Make/Model lookup.

Yuasa are giving technicians and retailers a free USB Smart Button which provides push-button workshop access to the system. Anybody interested in requesting one or trying the system online should visit:

James Douglas, Marketing Executive at Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd, said: “Our customers can now use a number plate to find the right battery for any common vehicle registered in the UK. This exciting new addition to our free USB Smart Button and Online Battery Lookup tool marks a significant step in the evolution of the system.”


RMI Academy to Train MOT Testers

The Retail Motor Industry Federation’s (RMI) training centre, the RMI Academy of Automotive Skills, will be running a pilot for the new MOT tester training from April 2016.

The way MOT testers are being trained is changing, with the role soon to become a National Occupational Standard (NOS). This will be a recognised qualification for testers, creating a professional standard for both the role and the MOT industry.

The RMI has worked with awarding bodies including IMI and City & Guilds to help develop the standard alongside DVSA, and will continue to support DVSA throughout the changes and beyond.

The training centre opening this spring will be available to all garages in the motor trade, and will deliver high quality, cost effective training across the industry.


Exol product receives Scania approval

Exol Fleet LandscapeExol Lubricants has received the highly-sought Scania Low Ash approval on its Taurus Euro FE 5W-30 engine oil product.

This recent endorsement highlights Exol’s commitment to providing its customers with the most reliable, advanced and approved products, as well as offering exceptional service.

Taurus Euro FE 5W-30 is a state of the art, fully synthetic engine oil designed to offer the user excellent fuel-saving benefits and deliver high performance.

Static engine tests and field trials have been successfully carried out, revealing that Taurus Euro FE 5W-30’s chemistry is capable of improving fuel economy by 2%, resulting in significant cost saving benefits for a fleet operator’s fuel bill.

Taurus Euro FE 5W-30 is also compatible with after-treatment devices fitted in modern heavy duty diesel engines, such as diesel particulate filters and selective catalytic reduction units.

Covering a wide range of commercial vehicles, Taurus Euro FE 5W-30 is ideally suited for use in the most recent Euro emission engines and is also backwards compatible to older models. It is ideal for heavy duty fleet operators running a variety of vehicle types and ages looking to reduce fuel costs. Taurus Euro FE 5W-30 is not only well suited for use in trucks and buses but also in off-highway equipment such as large earth movers.

The fully synthetic engine oil is available for purchase now. Please refer to the relevant safety data sheet, a copy of which is freely available to all of Exol customers.