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When we think about environmental issues, we immediately consider pollution from vehicles, factories and power stations. When we consider ways to help the situation, it is often reducing consumption that springs to mind – turning off lights, walking instead of driving, taking the train, not the car and so on. Commercial vehicle dealers can also help through recycling.

Many commercial vehicle dealers that retail used vehicles, and especially those with workshops, can help the environment by considering a more extensive use of parts recycling.

To Exchange or Not To Exchange?

When old parts are removed from a commercial vehicle, the workshop can simply throw them away or, where the facility exists, send them back on an exchange scheme. Under these schemes, a new part is sent out to the workshop from the supplier, and a credit note is raised when the old part is returned. This is then sent for remanufacture to be used again where possible.

The exchange schemes usually run well for larger, more complex items, such as engines and gearboxes, but can also work for brake parts and electronics, such as alternators.

For many of the smaller parts, many dealer workshops will buy in new parts from a non-OEM source, often coming in from China. For these parts there is no exchange scheme, so the old parts often get sent to scrap; if simply put in the skip, there is a cost for disposal.

Make Money from Selling Old Parts

premiercore cv parts

Typical basket of parts for Premier Components

Premier Components in Stratford Upon Avon have built a successful business around buying in these types of unwanted parts from all over the world, cataloguing them by OEM part number then selling them on in bulk to remanufacturers across the world.

Heading up the commercial vehicle team is Keith Beard, whose knowledge in this market is impressive: “We have a 12,000m2 warehouse of parts, all indexed and stored according to OEM part number – it is like going shopping at a supermarket – for example, we hold up to 150,000 starters and alternators at any time,” he explained.

If your businesses are like many which build up a pile of parts that have been taken off trucks and vans – clearing out once in a while when the pile becomes overwhelming, then this could be turned into cash. For example, a broken alternator could fetch between £10 and £25 depending on the type. Add a few of these items together and the pile of scrap could turn into the money for the Christmas Do.

premiercore cv parts 1

Premier Components will buy any parts, including axles, braking- compressors, chambers, calipers, valves, air dryers, brake shoes plus engine assemblies, and many sub components such as
crankshafts, camshafts, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, clutches, transmissions, starters & alternators, steering products, turbochargers, tachographs and even ancillary electrical parts.

Of course, it’s not just Premier Components that will buy these parts, a number of UK commercial vehicle dealers are keen to buy parts. TruckEast, for example, also actively buy vehicles and parts for recycling. The company is looking for Scania 4 series, 3 series and P, R and T series parts, including smaller items such as mirror assemblies, fuel tanks and instrument panels, as well as whole cabs, engines and gearboxes.

Consider Using Recycled Parts – The TruckEast Experience

The recycling department at TruckEast Stowmarket continues to go from strength to strength.  The business has been focusing on minimising customer downtime and, as a result, TruckEast now has many fully refurbished major units ready to go, available in stock to be dispatched the same day.

TruckeastAlternatively, the company can supply second hand parts from their large Scania stock, or rebuild a customer’s current major unit if required.  With full machining capabilities and approved Scania special tools, any work is carried out correctly following Scania guidelines.

Not content with truck part recycling, TruckEast has recently expanded their range into breaking Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans.  All parts are available, and these vehicles have been fully manufacturer maintained from vehicles only 5 years old.

TruckEast has chosen eBay to retail their Sprinter parts and are uploading recycled parts daily. Visit: for more information.